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This site is about reading.

Please support the effort.  Use Dawn dish soap and help save the animals coated in oil from the spill. 

"~Please excuse our site while it's under construction.  We are busy so progress is slow.  We do apologize and hope that you will check back once the site is finished.~"  We would like to thank you for your input, content contributions and membership.

Our Goals:

You will find that our site is a bit "different from the norm."  Our goal is not sales.  Our main purpose for creating this website is to provide general and care information on several reptile species.  We will not attempt to bedazzle or bore you with scientific terms you have to look up - we will keep it basic and simple.  Common "terminology or definitions" can be found on our "information" page.  We may not sell all the animals we list care for, but the information is needed "out there."  Some of our care sheets will be provided from devoted breeders, hobbyists and enthusiasts who have shared their time and knowledge to provide a better chance for the pet you decide to incorporate into your home, whether we sell it or not.

We do not wholesale so will not have babies available year around.  When we do offer reptiles on our available page, we can guarantee you that they are quality animals that have been raised with great care and attention.  We do not inbreed.

If you have a great interest in or a love for reptiles, please take the time to browse our site and the assortment of information available here.

If you are interested in joining a herpetological group, need a source for ordering insects, or would like to find a pet photographer, please check our Links page.

You will find information here to treat impaction (on the right side of most pages), links for finding a vet or a rehabber in your area as well as helpful links for nutrition, etc.

This site has been developed with the goal to save you Google time.  Instead of having to load dozens of sites for each specific area of information your need - we hope to provide a good deal of general information here in one stop.

No one "knows it all" and there is always more to learn.  I will try to keep all posts updated but please do let us know if you notice any outdated or incorrect information on our site or if a link fails to navigate.  We would appreciate your input as we develop this site if you have knowledgeable information on a species that you would like to share and join our network of care and information providers.  We will give you full credit for your photos, information or care sheet post.  Please contact me at if you are interested.

I'm sorry to have to add this here - "we are here to help and answer your questions" means in the way of care sheets.  I'm being over-run with emails about sick animals.  I do not have enough hours in my day to care for my guys here and also answer/attend to your medical questions.  Most of what you need to know/look out for should occur as you research your perspective pet.

I do not mean to be rude - but I'm not a "free vet screening service."  If you are in doubt about the health of your pet, please take it to a vet. 

It is a privilege and responsibility to care for a reptile.

It's our belief that it isn't about 'owning' a reptile: it's about being a good care provider for your pet and family member.  Remember, he is helpless and dependent on you to provide for him.  He's stuck in the tank you put him in and relies on you for care and food.  Owning a reptile is a privilege and responsibility.  We would rather talk you out of an impulsive purchase ~ than talk you into one you are not prepared to deal with or will come to regret.

Many reptiles are long lived.

With proper care and diet reptiles can live for many years in captivity.  The average lifespan for a Leopard gecko or Bearded Dragon is twenty years (the current record for a Leopard gecko was 27 yr. - Dink is approaching the record.  You can find her on YouTube).  Turtles and tortoises can live much longer.  Acquiring one of these lovely animals shouldn't be lightly undertaken.  They can be with you for a very long time.  Research is key to you being the happy owner of a content and healthy reptile.  Always research your pet before purchase and be sure of what you are getting into.  To quote an adage: "Forewarned is forearmed."  Buying a pet shouldn't be rife with hidden equipment, care, etc. expenses.  Our care sheets will provide the most information we can provide for you, but it's always a good idea to research other sources as well.

All animals can become ill.

On occasion, things must be bluntly stated: this is just such a circumstance.  We mean no offense but feel this topic must be discussed.  Though all of us hope our pets will never become ill - it does happen.  Reptiles are expert at hiding symptoms of illness as a survival mechanism.  It is their instinct to hide weakness from predators (and you)!  By the time your pet is exhibiting symptoms, the illness is most likely well progressed and your pet will need professional help.  Providing veterinary care when necessary is a base part of being a responsible pet owner.  If you can't afford to 'vet' your pet - then you shouldn't purchase it.  The ability to provide medical care when needed should be taken into consideration when you are deciding if you can afford the reptile. 

All that said - welcome to our site:

It is our goal to place reptiles where they are wanted, can live out their lives happily without being an unwanted burden to their owners and to acquire happy customers & browsers who are aware of these facts before their purchase, whether you get your pet from us or not.  No, it's not a popular practice in the business world, but it's the foundation stone of our 'business.'  Our care sheets will help you decide if this is the right animal for you before you make that commitment.

Education is part of sales as far as we are concerned.  Proper care makes life so much easier for you and me, not to mention being a relief and gratefully welcomed by your new pet.  The care sheets for each species you will find here may be long and extensive but please take the time to read them.  They can mean the difference between your reptile living a day or half a century.  We invested the time to provide the most accurate information we can for each species.  Please provide the time to read it and offer your pet the best chance it can have for a long and happy life in captivity.

The reptile's odds depend on how we raise and ship it to you.  We guarantee our part - it will arrive in good condition.  We will not ship when it's too cold or too hot, even at the owner's risk.  We value our animals' welfare more than that.  From there, it's entirely up to you on how it settles in, deals with shipping shock and survives - or doesn't.  We will not hide shipping issues from you.  Shipping causes stress.  The first 24 hr. period in which it arrives and is moved to its new home are critical hours.  The animal must be left alone, but observed, and be placed in a proper habitat for that particular species.  Hydration is mandatory.  Reptiles are not a new puppy or kitten and cannot be treated in the same manner. 

Reptiles are not an expendable commodity.  I hope you find our honesty refreshing and move on to other sections to view available animals, our breeding stock and our future goals.  If not, thank you for your time and reading this far.

God bless.


To summarize:

It is not about the money: you simply can't 'get rich quick' selling reptiles.  You must enjoy caring for them and be able to afford them.  We have hatched and cared for each reptile we offer to you, or can vouch for the breeder/friend we supply your animal from and extend our services/guarantee to that animal.  Animals from another source will be held in house for a month or more before we will re-ship if they are not shipped directly to you from the breeder (which is done in most cases).  It is our hope to place each reptile with an informed owner who is prepared to provide for them over the course of their entire lifespan. 

It is our goal that you be happy. 

Our business depends on that!

~ Thank you for visiting ~

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Thank you.

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